Updated: 14 Dec 2017

Payment page

Depending on where you are some options may be easier or cheaper.

1) You can send the deposit/payment to Netherlands (normally free transfer from within EU, ask me for the cost in EUR)
2) Send it to the USA account.
3) Use PayPal, they charge 4% plus any exchange costs. To send just your deposit this may be cheaper. For full amount a telegraphic transfer may be better.
4) Money Gram, Western Union or the like. In some cases this is cheaper than through the bank.

Cost & Discounts in USD for the full tour:

Discount Total Amounts to be paid by:

15 March 15 June
15 Aug
15 Nov  
Full price 1950       1950 Pay after 15 August
150 1800 Monthly 100 deposits starting May. Balance on arrival
150 1800     500 1300 Make deposit by 15 Aug and pay balance by 15 Nov
200 1750     1750   Pay in full by 15 August
200 1750   500   1250 Make deposit by 15 Jun and pay balance by 15 Nov
250 1700   500 1200   Make deposit by 15 Jun and pay balance by 15 Aug
300 1650   1650     Pay in full by 15 June
1100 Make deposit by 15 March and pay balance by 15 Nov

Some notes:

- When making transfer tell that all the cost of the transfer are for the sender. When sending from some countries the funds go through an intermediate bank, they may additionally charge around $35. This will be deducted at my side even if you tell your bank that you pay all costs related to the transfer. If any fees are subtracted at my side I'll ask you to reimburse me on arrival.

- The EU 450 / $500 deposit is non-refundable. The maximum number of people that can come is 10 the minimum 6.

- If you choose to bring the balance in cash please bring US$s or EUs.

- If you don't want to carry that much money in cash just transfer it to my account and make sure it reaches before the end of November. This is actually what most people have done in the last years: just make one transfer and pay in full.

- Telegraphic transfer can be costly, so check with me if there are others in your area joining and you can all transfer at once. As said most just pay for the whole amount at one time. All the transfer costs will be born by the sender.

- No tour has been cancelled after deposits were made, but just to be complete I add that if such case occurs, a full refund, minus bank fees, is given. I.e. what ever is received , including deposit, will be send back. This means that I am not keeping anything but that what you receive may have transfer costs deducted twice.

Details for ING Bank in the Netherlands:

Write me for details

Details for the Bank of America in the US:

Write me for details