How to Pay

There are several options for making the deposit / payment.

Depending on where you are some options may be easier or cheaper.

The amount to pay is at the end of the registration form as well as in the confirmation and follow-up e-mails you will (have) receive(d).
You will also receive the information below by e-mail. If you lose it or if much time has past I am keeping the information below be up to date.

To keep everything in one place I have also included the payment schedule, discounts and other related points. If you have any questions, please let me know.

1) Send it to our Bank of America account in the USA

Deposit it over the counter at:

The Bank of America
Name: Kees Boekhoven
Account: 483035202937
Routing: 021000322
Address: 22 Joel Austin Rd North, Cairo, NY 12413

If you transfer it electronically you may be charged a fee, even within the US. I also may be asked to pay a fee for receiving it.

2) Pay with a check issued by a US bank

Send me crystal clear photos of the front and back of the check. It must be issued by a US bank. The back of the check needs to be signed. I can scan and deposit these directly using my mobile. Keep the check till I let you know the money has been received and cleared.

The check needs to be in the name of Kees Boekhoven. You can add a note that it is for the India Tour and your name in case it is not clear from the the check.

3) Send it to our ING account in The Netherlands

From within Europe transfers are normally free when done on-line. At the bank there may be a charge. Just make sure to deposit the correct amount in the account. There is a fee for sending funds from an account outside Europe. It may be cheaper to send to the US; it varies.

Name : Kees Boekhoven
IBAN : NL14INGB0005298102

That should be all you need, but just in case:

My address: Beverodelaan 50, 6952 JK Dieren,
The Netherlands Bank address: ING Bank Amsterdam, Foreign Operations, Po Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4) Send it by PayPal

If you have a US based PayPal account you can send it for free if you use the “family and friends” transfer option. If you send it as a payment for “goods and services” they will charge me 4%, which I will have to ask you to reimburse me.

If your PayPal account is outside the US, any exchange costs will be added to your balance. Even so for the purpose of sending your deposit this may be cheaper than other options. Except for the free PayPal option, if you want to send the full amount, a telegraphic transfer or another option may be cheaper.

5) Send it to our account in Mexico

Contact me for details and the amount.

6) Pay me in cash

Naturally if we are going to meet somewhere, or if you know someone reliable who will meet me, you can pay in cash, as that will avoid any charges. I can only confirm a you place once the deposit/payment is in my hand or with a trusted person who will give it to me.

7) There are so many other options..

Money Gram, Western Union, Transfer Wise or the many other options available on and off-line. With some you send me a code which I can use to pick it up; with others you can transfer it directly in one of my bank accounts. These options may be cheaper if you are not in the USA, Europe or Mexico


Cost & Discounts for the full tour (in USD):

Discount Total Amounts to be paid by:
30 Aug prev 30 Dec prev 15 May 30 April 30 July 30 Sep 15 Nov
After 30 September No Discount 2295 2195
Deposit by the end of Sept 50 2245 500 1645
Deposit by the end of July 150 2145 500 1545
Deposit by the end of April 200 2095 500 1495
Deposit by the end of February 250 2045 500 1445
Deposit by the previous years end 300 1995 500 1395
Deposit by August the previous year 350 1945 500 1345


  • If you pay the full amount in advance you will receive an extra $50 discount! (It may also save you on transfer costs)
  • If you pay the balance on arrival in India there is a $50 fee for the late payment, unless you have made prior arrangements.
  • If you prefer to pay in another currency, I can also receive Euros and maybe Mexican pesos. Just ask me for the rates
  • In rare cases we can give some further discount or a scholarship to LFTs or other volunteers joining the tour. This is decided individually
  • Minimum participants 3, maximum 8 to 10. Full is full.
  • There may be an extra discount of $100 for the first 3 people who register! Use the coupon code: WEBSPECIAL

More Notes:

  • When making a transfer kindly indicate that all the transfer costs are for the sender. Sending from some countries can be costly as the funds go through an intermediate bank, incurring an additional charge of around $50. This will be deducted at my end even if you tell your bank that you wish to pay all the costs relating to the transfer. If any fees are deducted at my end I will ask you to reimburse me on arrival. The same is true for PayPal transfers.
  • The EU 450 / $500 deposit is non-refundable. The maximum number of people that can come is 10, the minimum 3.
  • If you choose to bring the balance in cash, please only bring 50 or 100 US Dollar bills or 50, 100, 200 notes in Euros. For smaller notes you get a lower exchange rate. So also bring your own money in large notes.
  • If you don’t want to carry that much money in cash, just transfer it to my account and make sure it arrives before the end of November.
    In recent years most people have just made one transfer and paid in full.
  • No tour has been cancelled after the deposits were made, but just to be sure I would like to state that in the event of a cancellation, a full refund, minus the bank fees, will be given. i.e. what ever is received, -including the deposit, will be sent back. That means that I will not keep anything but that what you receive may have transfer costs deducted twice.