Updated: 07 Aug 2017

I want to come! What now?

All in detail is on the Money, Visas and official matters Page. But in short:

1) Read every thing carefully. Write or contact me with any questions and to confirm if there is still place on the tour!

2) Register here

3) If all is fine write me to let me know that you registered. (I don't get notified automatically) And I can send you bank details.

4) Make deposit of minimum USD 500 or full payment.*

5) Write me as soon as you make the payment and tell me the details of the transfer or I won't know who send it.

6) Book your ticket so you'll arrive on 10th December but don't book before the go ahead is given unless you can cancel your ticket. This will probably be late June or July.

7) If you are on Facebook register with the "India Tour" event, if you are not on Facebook, but you like to, I can invite you so you can already see who else is going and share information: https://www.facebook.com/events/992092314183783/

8) Any Question please feel free to write me


* Cost & Discounts for the full tour in USD:

Discount Total Amounts to be paid by:

15 Mar 15 June
15 Aug 30 Sep
15 Nov  
no disc. 1950         1950 Pay after 30 September
50 1900       500 1400 Make deposit by 30 Sep and pay balance by 15 Nov
100. 1850       1850 1950 Pay in full by 30 September
150 1800 Monthly 100 deposits starting May. Balance on arrival
150 1800     500   1300 Make deposit by 15 Aug and pay balance by 15 Nov
200 1750     1750     Pay in full by 15 August
200 1750 500   1250 Make deposit by 15 Jun and pay balance by 15 Nov
250 1700 500 1200 1200 Make deposit by 15 Jun and pay balance by 15 Aug
300 1650 1650   Pay in full by 15 June
1100 Make deposit by 15 March and pay balance by 15 Nov

- Minimum participants 6, maximum 10 full is full...
In rare case we can give some further discount or scolarship to LFTs or other volunteers joining the tour. This is decided individually.