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Updated: 14 Dec 2017


Namaskar and welcome to the site for the "India & Nepal Spiritual Adventure Tour"


This India trip for students was first organised in 1991. It was so successful that it was repeated almost yearly till today. This will be the 23 th  trip to set off to explore both the mysteries of these ancient lands and, through meditation & chalanges the depth of our own minds. Over the years the tour has expanded from students of New Zealand to a truely international event.

For whom is it

It's still aimed at newer margiis in the age group of 18 to 38 but if you are older (or younger) and know you can adjust with the flow you are also welcome. It's not suitable for families or couples. You also need to be able to communicate in English. The last years actually most participants were over 30 and up to 50+ It's really no problem as long as you are flexible and able to adjust to all the challanges, internally and externally.


While on tour, we meditate 2 or 3 times daily (or more if we like). We also visit many beautiful temples and sites sacred to different religions. Beside the spiritual we also have upto 10 day trek, Rafting and a Camel Safari. You could even do Paragliding in Nepal, though that is not included in the cost of the tour.

About your guides

I am Dada Krpasundarananda and have again the honor to organise the tour this year.  I was born in the Netherlands, and worked in Ananda Marga for the last 31 years; in Europe, Australia , New Zealand, Africa and now in Mexico. I became a monk in 1991. This will be my 22th tour. I love out door activities, and am very interested in alternative building techniques and energy. I am trying to keep up with a photo newsletter on my website

Didi Ananda Shanta will again help during the tour this year.
Didi Malati will probably be helping us in Nepal and sharing many great stories, she joined Ananda Marga in the 70s.
Dada Moksheshvarananda who is always in the outdoors and adventure may join part of the tour
Dada Danaviira who came last year may be our co-guide again this year

About India...

Hard to say much... It will definitely be different than you expect... Be prepared forall sorts of confrontations... Internally and externally... Some have called this tour not just an adventure but a survival tour... It is not an easy tour!

I am sure you have heard many things already and the rest can only be experienced in person :-)  To get the chance to come here is definitely writing a new chapter in your life...

Please do read everything on this site as its there to give you a good idea what the tour is about (and what not). If you have any questions please don't hesitate at all to write me or Didi. Do also write me if you like to receive the tours, low volume, mailing list. (See address link for e-mail address)

Identify yourself with Him and you will realise that even the minutest and tiniest objects are you. You are the Pacific Ocean. The universe, which is the manifestation of the Cosmic Energy, will appear as your own manifestation. The universe, which is the play of God also, gives Him ecstatic bliss. You meditate on Him and He meditates on you.


---- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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