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Updated: 14 Dec 2017

Itinerary (first half)

In previous years I put here exactly were we'd be and what we'd be doing on any day. However I don't think there has been a single time that things went indeed according to plan... There is always something which will make minor or major changes to the program. So this time I will just put the places we are likely to visit, how many days we are likely to be there, the likely order of visits and the things we are likely to do. We will however try as good as possible stick to the program.

I like to add here that specifically regarding Ananda Nagar and Nepal we are hoping (and planning) to go but prepare you mind that we may not be able to. One year the Himachal Pradesh proved a very nice replacement for Nepal and an other year we went to Sikkim. This year the plan is to go again to Nepal as it seems to be stable. The DMS in Ananda nagar is hard to replace but we had a good time in Jamalpur. I have put beside the Cities how likely it will be on the program.

DELHI (sure)

We start the tour in New Delhi on the 10th of December.

Delhi is the capital of India and its third largest city. The city actually consists of two parts. Delhi or Old Delhi was the capital of Muslim India between the 12th and 19th centuries. In Old Delhi there are many mosques, monuments and forts relating to India’s Muslim History. The other Delhi is New Delhi, the imperial city created as the capital of India by the British. It is a spacious, open city and contains many embassies and government buildings.

On arrival we'll only spend one day as Delhi is also intense and polluted... It's mainly to meet up but for those rested enough can do a tour of Delhi.


Meeting on the roof of the hotel.

The first day (10th) of the tour everyone will meet at an Hotel in Pahar Ganj. As people will be arriving at different times there is no collective program. Just relax, adjust to this new country and look around. Anyone needing guidance of how to get there can contact me before hand or if you really need I can arrange for a pickup.

Do try to book early and arrive on tenth, but if you can't and come on the tenth I'll also try to be there few days early to receive you.



Several years now we included a 6-7 day stay in Rishikesh and had a very good and peaceful time, staying away from the main city accross the Ganges in the Parmath Niketan ashram. The river Ganges flows through the city with nice sand banks for sadhana and the water is clean but cold... so the brave can take their 'holy' bath!

It's in the foot hills of the Himalayas and we'll go for a day trek. Also rafting is on the program for those who don't mind to get a bit wet... Otherwise we'll have collective kiirtan and meditations in the morning and evening. In the monring we'll have some activities to get to know eachother and share where we all are on our spiritual journey. The afternoons are free time. This time is basically like a relaxed retreat. We will be available for classes if there is interrest. Also we have a few exellent teachers for Yoga.



JAIPUR (sure)

Here we'll visit the Childrens home of Didi Ananada Gaotami. The sisters in the group will stay there the night, the brothers will stay with a family nearby.
One day we'll go to the Amber Ford collectively, those who want to go inside can do so individually, and after there will be time to visit the other nice places individually. You can buy an combination entrance ticket for $7 or so that allows you in 5-6 different sights.

PUSHKAR (sure)

Situated in the desert of Rajastan it's a unique place where we'll do walks and a Camel Safari spending the night in the desert.



This is where Buddha attained enlightenment. It is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world. The focal point is the Mahabodhi Temple. The Bo tree growing here is said to be a direct descendant of the original tree, under which Buddha sat, meditated and achieved enlightenment. During the winter (Nov-Feb) the Tibetan pilgrims come down from Dharamsala to Bodhgaya. The Dalai Lama often spends December here and if things coinside we can have his darshan.



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