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Money/ Visas and other official matters.

Updated: 07 Aug 2017



  1. The three options:
    1) From 10 Dec till about 7th Jan when we go to the Himalayas.
    2) From Chrismas till the end; from around 27 Dec till 24th Jan
    3) Other...

    In case you arrive late you are responsible to catch up with us. I will try to help with the travel arrangements. In case you leave early you'll have to make your own travel arrangements back to Delhi.

    The cost in UDS will be: 1) 1400, 2) 1400, 3) to be calculated. (Discounts as in the above table, $300 if paid in full before 15 June etc.)
    Intentionally, the per day rate is more than when coming for the full tour.

    Naturally when you come shorter you'll miss out on some places, can't help it!

    When places are limited those who join longer have priority, also younger and newer margiis get preference as the tour is organised for them..

  2. Though we will try, we may not be able to adjust to your special food needs. For example many things in India use milk products so a vegan diet may sometimes be hard for us to cater for. When cooking with one pot we can not always let the whole group adjust to one or two people. Again, naturally we will try to make everyone happy with the food, just be prepared that sometimes it may not work out. Some people like to eat lots of nuts and dried fruits. Though we may have some of it, they are quite expencive. If you want to eat more you can buy locally. You may also want to bring some things for your own special diet that is not available in India.

    The medication you need may not be available so also here be prepared, we can not take responsability.
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