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Here you can find all the photo's from the last India-Nepal tours. Just a few below... click here to see the latest. 

Ancestors watching... (Dec 2003)

Ready to get wet in the Ganges (Jan 2004)

Gardan in Ananda Nagar (Dec 2001)

Kids in Bodhgaya (Jan 2002)

Jamalpur, Baba used to sit here for 
Sadhana in His childhood (Dec 1999)

On the top of the world... in Nepal (Jan 2000)


Cultural program at Uma Nivas (Dec 1999)

Sunrise on top of the world... (Jan 2000)

If seeing these photo's inspires you to come on a future tour (Dec 2004-Jan 2005) let me know also by writing me on krpasundarananda (a t) gmail (dot) com

(do replace the (ad) and (dod) by the appropriate symbols @ and . ! If I don't write it like this I'll be receiving lot's of spam in no time)

If you want the Photo's in these pages in high resolution I can burn them on a CD. Just write me, I am happy to send it, us$5 would cover my expenses.

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