To keep in mind

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In the mean time please keep in mind that this tour is like a pilgrimage, traveling together, and helping each other to reach our goal. The program is sometimes quite full and with all the traveling, and new experiences, it can get quite intense at times.

You will have many new impressions and will be confronted with challenges both internally and externally; all of this may take some effort to process. Traveling in a closely knit group, may also pose a challenge. If you prepare your mind, you will be able to take all these things in your stride, see the obstacles as tests to be overcome, and learn a lot about life while having a great time. All of us will go through stuff and we are there to help each other. Don’t hesitate to talk about it. We will try to keep some space everyday to share these experiences; you have to let your guides know your needs in this regard. We can’t read your mind!

Previous groups really enjoyed themselves, but they said the beginning would have been easier if their minds had been better prepared. So I am writing all this not to scare you but to help you prepare your mind.

As far as possible we will try to pre-book trains and hotels, but as you will soon realize, India is India, everything can change in the twinkle of an eye,  and we may have to improvise. It is therefore best to see the itinerary only as a guideline but not as set in stone. Every year some minor and sometimes major adjustments have had to be made. Please be patient, and assist your guides wherever you can.

We will cook our own food wherever practical. We will share the cooking, cleaning and shopping duties. If no one wants to cook, the meal will be simple. Doing our own cooking is not so much to save money but to ensure that the food is sentient and to avoid getting sick. In Ananda Nagar we maybe able to get sentient food provided where we stay and in all the little restaurants round about at own expense, so unless we really want to cook ourselves we don’t have to. It is good if you can be flexible about food. As tastes may differ and facilities are simple you may not get exactly what you would like. We do try to accommodate special diets but as we have only one with one gas ring and two pots, don’t have too high expectations. If one person is following a vegan diet, for example, we can’t expect everyone to become vegan. Of course the food will be sentient / satvik.

On the trek in Nepal we will have at least one porter to help to carry our kitchen gear. In this way we will be able to travel lighter and enjoy ourselves more! Sometimes participants don’t want to carry their luggage less and share an extra porter between 2 or 3 people. This is not covered by the tour but is not too expensive.

Looking forward to see you soon!

In the mean time feel free to contact me if you have an questions. From October or November we will send regular information about things you need to know and answers to common questions.