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Updated: 19 Sep 2016

What to bring for travel in India

We will be arriving in India in winter. During the days, the temperature is rather warm, however, at night it can get cold. Therefore, both warm and cold weather clothing is required. This is likewise for the Himalayas, even though it is very cold there, while trekking you will get hot and sweaty. In Nepal some of the trekking gear can be rented.

Suggested Requirements (adjust according your own experience, I might have left out something…) My personal list is here

Note: It is best to keep luggage to a minimum when traveling by train, you will really regret too much of luggage. When going up and down hundreds of steps at train platforms and squeezing onto crowded trains, carrying it to flimsy rickshaws, you will understand the full reality of things... For this reason, a backpack with internal frame is recommended. You can manage with a trolley bag, but you do have to carry it up and down stairs! Try to keep your luggage under 12Kg / 25lbs. Or less if that's too much to carry for you.

You have to be ready to carry everything you bring! Others have their own luggage already... And as we share taking care of the kitchen and food bags it is best to bring less than you can comfortably carry.

Also a small backpack will be useful on shorter walks or shopping. During trekking you can leave part of your things safely in the home base, so you don't have to carry more than necessary. Even after so many trips myself I notice there are always things at the end of the tour which I didn't use at all...

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