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9 December 2025 – 21 January 2026

Join us on the journey of a lifetime

Are you ready for adventure? Are you willing to move out of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond your boundaries, to confront a reality profoundly spiritual yet totally chaotic? Then take the plunge and join us as we explore the holy places of India where ancient wonders lay waiting to be discovered, half hidden behind a veneer of modernity. But be aware that this is no ordinary tour; it is a journey of self-discovery, a life-changing experience that will challenge you on all levels of your being. Are you ready for the fun? Let’s go!!!


Please do read everything on this site as its there to give you a good idea what the tour is about (and what not). If you have any questions please don’t hesitate at all to write me or Didi. Do also write me if you like to receive the tours, low volume, mailing list. 
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Identify yourself with Him and you will realize that even the minutest and tiniest objects are you. You are the Pacific Ocean. The universe, which is the manifestation of the Cosmic Energy, will appear as your own manifestation. The universe, which is the play of God also, gives Him ecstatic bliss. You meditate on Him and He meditates on you.

It is aimed at newer margiis (those who adopted Ananda Marga as their path) in the age group of 18 to 38. However if you are older and know you can adjust with the flow you are also welcome. It’s not for families and may not be suitable for couples. You also need to be able to communicate in English. During the last years many participants were over 30 and up to 50+. So age is really no problem as long as you are flexible and able to adjust to all the challenges, internally and externally. If in any doubt just contact us.
We have been thinking about a new name for the tour like Tantric Adventure Tour/Quest and others. We really like people to know this tour is a challenge and a real adventure. Only the things that we need to book in advance are fixed (like trains and accomodation in some places) Even these things sometimes change and we have to improvise. It’s very important to always keep an open mind and be ready to change at any time. The tour is designed like this. Without challenge, without obstacles, without surrender there is no transformation. This tour is more about what’s happening inside of us then outside. But yes the outside, this wonderful India makes it all happen on the inside as well. It’s also important to share what is happening for you, we can help and support but only when we know. There is time for this after our collective meditation. Do use this time. Or naturally you can also talk with any of the guides individually.

I am Dada Krpasundarananda and have again the honor to organize the tour this year.  I was born in the Netherlands, and worked in Ananda Marga for the last 39 years; in Europe, Australia , New Zealand, Africa and now in Mexico. I became a monk in 1991. This will be my 29th tour. I love out door activities, and am very interested in alternative building techniques and energy. For several years I kept a photo newsletter on my website. Have a look if you like to know more.

This year Didi Malati and Shivani will be assisting on the tour. Malati, originally from the UK has helped on the Nepal part of this tour almost since the beginning. This time she will come on the whole tour. She has worked in India for over 40 years with many local Ananda Marga Schools and Childrens Homes. She has a wealth of stories about our Guru.
Shivanii, also from the UK has helped on many of the earlier tours and will be with us again.

USD 2695

There are many discounts possible especially when registering early with a deposit.

* We always try to keep this tour as affordable as possible however prices in India as well as other overheads have gone up a lot so we had to increase the price accordingly.

While on tour, we chant and meditate together twice daily (or more depending on the desire of the group). In some places we’ll be able to do some yoga classes collectively, at other times it’s individual. We’ll also have a guitar to accompany the chanting (Kiirtan) and other musical expressions. Again this is a challenging tour, an adventure. It’s not designed to make everything easy, have the ideal places for our meditation. Sometime they are indeed peaceful and quiet but at other times we have to manage in noisy places, on the train and somehow make it work. It’s spirituality in real life. Well life probably more challenging than back at home. So if we learn to maintain our practices also during this trip, back at home all will seem so easy 🙂

We also visit many beautiful temples and sites sacred to different religions. Beside the spiritual we also have an around 6 day trek in the Himalayas, we will do Rafting, a Camel Safari and many other activities. Though not included in the cost of the tour, you could optionally do activities such as a short Elephant ride in Jaipur, Paragliding or a Mountain flight in Nepal and other things along the way.

This trip to India and Nepal was first organized in 1991. Those days it was just for our university meditation groups in New Zealand and Australia. Over the years the tour has expanded to a truly international event and for people of all ages. It has been so successful that we  were able to hold this tour almost every year till today.

This will be the 29th trip to set off to explore both the mysteries of these ancient lands and, through meditation & plenty challenges the depth of our own minds and hearts.

* If you have looked at doing this tour before please note that the dates have changed. Starting a bit earlier helps to get cheaper flight tickets. Bodhgaya has become more and more crazy and after the feedback of the last years we decided to drop it. This also gives a bit more space with the other events.