Join us on the journey of a lifetime

Are you ready for adventure? Are you willing to move out of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond your boundaries, to confront a reality profoundly spiritual yet totally chaotic? Then take the plunge and join us as we explore the holy places of India where ancient wonders lay waiting to be discovered, half hidden behind a veneer of modernity. But be aware that this is no ordinary tour; it is first and foremost a journey of self-discovery, a life-changing experience that will challenge you on all levels of your being. Are you ready for the fun? Let’s go!!!

Please do read everything on this site as it is there to let you know what the tour is about – and what it is not. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate at all to write. Kindly also let me know if you like to join our mailing list. (See address link for e-mail address)

Who it is intended for

This tour targets newer margis* in the age group of 18 to 38, but if you are older and feel you can adjust with the flow, you are also welcome. In recent years many participants were over 30 and some were 50+. Age is really no problem as long as you are flexible and able to adjust to all the internal and external challenges. However, it is not suitable for families and may not be suitable for couples. One of the basic requirements is that you should be able to communicate in English. If in doubt just contact us.

* Those who have adopted, or are trying to adopt the teachings and practices of Ananda Marga

About your guides

I am Dada Krpasundarananda and have again the honor to organize the tour this year.  I was born in the Netherlands, and became a monk in 1991. I have worked for Ananda Marga for the last 33 years; in Europe, Australia , New Zealand, Africa and I am currently in Mexico. This will be my 26th tour. I love out door activities, and am very interested in alternative building techniques and energy. For several years I kept a photo blog on my personal website.

Other Dadas and Didis who may participate part, or full time are: Didi Ananda Shanta who loves to coordinate the cooking, Didi Ananda Candrachekara who also loves cooking and has much wisdom to share from her experiences with our Guru, Dada Mokseshvarananda who loves the outdoor & adventure and finally Didi Malati who has been helping us on the Nepal part of the tour for the last 26 years, she can share many great stories and experiences with our Guru.



Full rate: USD 2295

However there are many discount for early registration and under certain other conditions.
For more details click here. Or just keep reading.

Also, the price is not fixed, it may go up if prices in India went up a lot. The price will be fixed late 2023 or early 2024


During the tour, we meditate 2 – 3 times daily (sometimes more depending on the group). We also visit many beautiful temples and holy sites, a 6 – 10 day trek in the Himalayas, rafting on the River Ganges, enjoy a camel safari and do many other activities. Further optional activities not included in the cost of the tour include an elephant ride in Jaipur, paragliding or a mountain flight in Nepal and other things along the way.


This trip to India and Nepal was first organized in 1991. In those days it was only for our university meditation groups in New Zealand and Australia. Over the years the tour has expanded to become a truly international event for people of all ages. It has been so successful that we have held tours almost every year till today.

This will be the 28th trip where we will set out to explore the mysteries of these ancient lands and, through meditation & plenty of challenges, the depths of our own minds and hearts.



Identify yourself with Him and you will realise that even the minutest and tiniest objects are you. You are the Pacific Ocean. The universe, which is the manifestation of the Cosmic Energy, will appear as your own manifestation. The universe, which is also the play of God, gives Him ecstatic bliss. You meditate on Him and He meditates on you.