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Please remember what is expected from everyone (click to expand)
  1. Team spirit and participation in all activities.
  2. Rules and instructions given by the tour organizers are to be followed otherwise it could lead to the termination of your participation. There will be no refunds and you will have to pay any extra costs involved.
  3. Alcohol, non prescription drugs, smoking of any type or Tamasik foods are not permitted during the whole six week program (no non-vegetarian foods). It is appreciated if you also avoid Rajasik foods such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc.
  4. Be respectful, polite, considerate to each other and to your-self. We ask you to adopt a playful, positive and fun attitude in order to fully enjoy and learn from our program.
  5. Participants should refrain from romantic and intimate behavior during the tour. To prevent confusion… this normally means no hugging, massages or other physical contact between brothers and sisters. Feel free to ask me about this. But if you feel this is a problem, please reconsider your participation as this may not be the tour for you.
  6. In case a (married) couple joins we also expect them to respect point 5 in the presence of others. We cannot guarantee giving you a room together, and will consider it only if you are in a long-term committed relation. No exceptions! If you are deeply in-love and can’t stay away from each other, it will affect everyone else on the tour. This is not a judgement about falling or being in love; the tour is just not the right place to be in such state.

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